The energy healing system of Reiki (pronounced “Ray-key”) was founded by Mikao Usui (1865-1926) in the early 20s. He developed the system and made it accessible for everyone.

The history of Reiki and Sensei (Master) Usui is still controversial and full of surprises.

mikaoHe came from a samurai family, was even a Buddhist monk for a while though living with his wife and children.

He had a spiritual interest from his young adulthood. He studied different Buddhist traditions and forms of meditation. He also had a worldly job, travelled a lot in Europe and in America.

He was trying to find some deeper understanding and peace in himself and the world around him.

At last he decided to retreat for a long meditation on Mount Kourama, near Kyoto which was a well-known place for people who were inclined to search their inner lives.

After 21 days of fasting and meditation when he was close to dying, all of a sudden he saw an extraordinary light around him, he immediately came aware of everything he was looking for in all his life. It was the moment of his enlightenment. What he didn’t immediately realise was that through this experience he had developed healing hands as well.

After returning home he moved to Tokyo and started practicing Reiki, although he never used this name himself. He became more and more popular since the healing was very effective for all kinds of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems and disorders too.

He started teaching Reiki. He was convinced that if he could heal then anybody could.

To enhance the effectiveness of this energy healing system Mikao Usui introduced attunements and symbols for the practitioners which have become essential parts of the system.

Reiki was introduced in the western world by one of Usui’s students, Hawayo Takata.

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