Q: How long is a treatment?

A: It is usually one hour long but it can be adjusted to your needs.

Q: Do I have to take off my clothes?

 ANo, you will stay fully dressed during the treatment. 

Q: Am I going to sit or lie during the treatment?

A: You may choose which is more convenient for you. 

Q: Will the therapist place her hands on me?

A: It is not necessary to touch the client’s body. She can give you a treatment with the same effect by placing her hands a few inches above your body, starting at your head and moving down to your feet. She may focus only on particular areas of your body depending on your wish or her intuition 

Q: What will I experience during and after the treatment?

A: You will probably experience warmth or tingling, you may feel as if you were floating, you will feel deeply relaxed and light.

Q: How many treatments are advised?

A: To get the best result 3 sessions within a fairly short period of time are usually enough, depending of course on the problem we use Reiki for. The first session usually brings improvement, and the benefits grow with repeated sessions. In cases of emergency clients often show benefits of the Reiki within a few minutes.

Q: How does Reiki work?

A: Reiki helps your body’s own energy system to get back to its harmonious balance. The therapist tries and gets rid of any energy blockages which may obstacle the smooth flow of the energy in your body.

Q: Can Reiki have any negative side effects?

A: Reiki is completely safe and free of any negative side effects and it does not interfere with any medical care or medication.

Q: I have heard about distant Reiki treatment. Is it possible too?

A: Yes, Reiki can be sent remotely meaning that you can stay in your home or wherever you are, and Reiki will find you and treat you with the same effect as if you were physically present.

Q: In what areas has Reiki proved itself so far?

A: There are research data showing Reiki treatment can be effective in the following areas:

• Strengthens the body’s natural healing abilities

•Accelerates recuperation after surgery

• Supports substance abuse recovery

•Reduces side effects of radiation and chemotherapy

•Deep relaxation during and after treatment

•Reduces anxiety and depression

•Enhances overall well-being

• Strengthens self-esteem & self-awareness

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